Our universe is nature and you...

We create by using the elements that surround us, whether in our region, Sologne, or in the holiday resorts that we pass through. Everything is good for dressing our clothes .

Coupe du Monde de Rugby

Collection Exclusive de Maillots de Rugby pour la Coupe du Monde : Célébrez la Diversité du Rugby Mondial

AUTOMNE 2023 dans l'hémisphère NORD

This collection is offered to you on the theme of Autumn. It is worked from colors and shapes of the moment, that is to say tones ranging from yellow to red through orange and brown. Fauna and flora help us a lot in our designs. For 2022, we focused on leaf shape and color as well as birds.

Our Fun Products

Maillot de Bain / Bikini

L'été sera chaud, le maillot de bain deux pièces est de retour.... 


🏚️Des accessoires vestimentaires, de sport, ou encore de déco pour la maison. 

Logo Personnalisé

Le design est construit sur un thème et chacun a sa propre signature. Le logo est placé sur le col, la manche ou sur la poitrine.

Le "L" nous identifie et le personnage ou l'objet identifie le design.

Ce petit plus est le gage de l'authenticité du produit. Découvrer-le, incrusté sur votre article.

Mieux nous connaître
  • Logo d'un design de LEFEVRE photographe

    Design customization

    Each design is associated with a personalized logo : The "L" of our brand as well as a motif related to the creation. Each logo is a registered product and represents the quality work done for you.

  • marc et nath au bureau


    Our strength is autonomy !

    - We think and create all our designs.

    - The preparation as well as the shipping are handled by our sole service provider.

    we try to be as ecological as possible and limit journeys. Our product is made to order and does not move from one storage to another, it goes directly to your home.

  • nat_et_le_cygne

    Our business, IMAGE

    Why are we competent? Image and creation are areas that we have mastered for forty years. We have followed each stage of the evolution of photography , from film to digital . We continue to innovate in design. For more realism, all our work is done on Photoshop and each creation is pixel-perfect.

    Why "JOMELO"? The first two letters of the first names of our three children: Johan, Mégane and Elaura.

    Great idea, right?